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My Dearest Betrayal,

        Along your spine I zip open your flesh, peeling it back from the muscle and bone. Breathing heavily upon your utter nakedness, I watch the uncontrollable quivering as my poisoning breath scalds as dry ice.

        A screaming monster claws its way up your throat, tattered shreds of your gullet are  left in its wake. Flailing in the putrid fumes of agony, your yellow eyes search. But there is nobody there for you anymore. A sea of writhing bodies bump and flop against your own, unaware. Encapsulating screams have carved themselves into your irises as the selfish world turns topsy-turvy like a drunkard consumed in his own self pity.

        The hair stands on the back of your sweating neck. As the claustrophobic drowning dissipates, a frost crawls to the ends of the earth congealing the flow of your veins. Solitude is now the scummy film growing like a second coat over your heart as you watch your breath. Your lips are cracking. Remember me? My nails scrape along the dripping tissues of your back. Your gelatin blood has hardened down to the littered, frost-laden floor. Unable to move on account of your own rotted, goo chain.

        The crackling you hear is the ice splintering from what once was a solid and warm comfort for you. Your arrogance, pride, and callousness is now shattered into the dust of the moths wing, caught in a bitter breeze.  The world has never been so empty as that wind screams through your eardrums and out into the pallid world where you no longer are but were.

        I give you the burning agony, the decomposing rot, and the nothingness of your life. As you entered mine against my will, I shall penetrate yours. You began this, I end this.

        Your Despair
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January 18, 2009
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